secure communication

In addition to branding power, .md subscribers can communicate securely using our push technology to everyone in the healthcare community: doctors, patients, hospitals and more...

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affordable compliance

Become HIPAA compliant for less than the cost of three first-class stamps per day. .mdEmail® secure email, encrypted email, and email archiving is easily integrated into any IT environment...

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increase efficiency

Now you can send patients or medical associates secure emails and instant messages following Direct Project specifications - better leveraging your time, and enhancing patient communications...

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Secure, compliant,
          and efficient!

.mdEmail® breaks the traditional barriers to
communication within the healthcare community.

.mdEmail® allows you to optimize efficiency with completely paperless healthcare communication. Secure email enables exclusive connectivity between physicians, colleagues, patients and data within the healthcare community, while relieving backlogged office workflows of tedious, obsolete practices like fax, phone and the USPS. .md is the ONLY solution that allows you widespread connectivity to anyone, anywhere - while operating in a secure environment unburdened by HIPAA regulations.

Secure Email

  • 100% secure network
  • Exclusive, patent-pending technology
  • NO integration issues
  • As low as $99 a year
  • Email encryption

Email Archiving

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • NO new software
  • NO personnel training
  • NO workflow disruption
  • Remote and secure storage

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