Energize Your Brand

Your current and prospective patients, prompted by other physician's referrals, word of mouth, or a simple Google search, now demand the ability to find you on the internet with the simple click of a mouse. After all, medicine is your domain.

With over 75 million unique "dot-com" domains already in existence, a doctor's practice can easily get lost in the shuffle. '.md'); helps brand you as a healthcare website, providing a domain name that is descriptive, memorable and distinctive. In addition, '.md'); also offers physicians and healthcare professionals new access to domain name(s) that may not have been available as a "dot-com", allowing a doctor to create a permanent, portable and professional web address that becomes an instant marketing and branding tool. As a result, patients get convenient access to their own personal doctor - a trend that is becoming increasingly important as private practices face new competition from retail "pay-as-you-go clinics" found in major drugstore and retail chains. And for physicians who already have a website, a '.md'); domain name can be easily incorporated within the existing site, intensifying his/her internet presence.

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