Increase Efficiency

Now you can quickly email patients regarding appointment times, lab results, follow-up and more, while creating a convenient virtual presence for your office.

Over the past three years, 85% of physicians have experienced flat to decreasing revenues due in part to declining reimbursement rates and rising costs to operate. In addition, new competition is entering the marketplace in the form of retail healthcare clinics offering both convenience and service. At these "pay-as-you-go" clinics found in many large drugstore and retail chains, patients have immediate access to care with little or no wait time.

According to estimates from The Center for Information Therapy, patients forget 80% of what their doctor tells them within 5 minutes of leaving the office. By using .mdEmail®, your practice manager or nurse practitioner can communicate directly to patients' private email accounts with 100% confidence that the information is secure and protected in compliance with HIPAA technical specifications/requirements. .mdEmail® can be used to conveniently send pre- and post-visit care instructions, educational information regarding conditions or medications, E-Referrals, forms and more. .mdEmail also helps increase touch and frequency - concepts that improve both patient outcomes and loyalty.

The ability to securely email patients will provide the convenience your patients demand from their healthcare provider, while increasing your share of mind and ultimately improving outcomes.

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